So a month into the project and I am already noticing changes in our lifestyle and home life.

The big change is everywhere is tidier! All the recycling is in one place, and I have begun to create a routine of recycling- when I have lots of plastic bags to recycle these go straight into the car and I post them into the correct bin when I am next at the supermarket. This is a definite improvement as I have been known to drive around for months with 3 bags of old plastic bags in my car and more spilling out of their hiding place at home. Recycling the plastic things that the council don’t take has also become easier- I used to put them in a bag outside the door and then empty all the rain and slugs and gunk out before taking them in car to be recycled- now they are living inside our house until the box is full and then recycled when I do my weekly shop. Ideal.

The whole area by the back door is much tidier- something has happened to my children, instead of leaving their shoes under cupboards and behind chairs in the kitchen they automatically put their shoes away in the shoe rack! It is amazing.

Something else has happened to my daughter (and for those of you that know her this is a pretty big step) she has voluntarily removed some books from her room !! She has even said that she no longer wants some of her books and they can go. (We have put some in the loft so she can keep them for her children, she laughed at this idea until I pointed out the bookshelf at the top of the stairs full of my old books.) We have recycled several old colouring books- in total she has given up over 30 things! Her bookshelf now has space  for her new favourite books. My son has helped me sort out the summerhouse and has collected his unwanted things together to sell at a table top sale, next job for him is to sort out the things in his room.

I have begun to get rid of things as well. The children’s toys in the loft have been sorted and several toddler toys have been donated to http://roaf.org/, a charity that my husband’s parents are involved with. We have also given them a bag of old children’s shoes, school uniform and coats. Why, oh why I kept every pair of my children’s grown out of shoes is beyond me- but what else can you do with them?

Since beginning of January we have removed from our house 35 books to the charity shop, 72 items to Roaf and 11 items to friends with young children. Over 100 things that we just didn’t need anymore, most of it came out of the loft, put away when the children were smaller. It was difficult back then to part with it but it becomes easier when the times they played with it are more distant.

My son’s cub pack are doing an environmental awareness activity badge. He has to keep a 4 week diary of the ways he has saved energy at home. As he was already in charge of after school curtain closing he has quite an easy task- he did decide to remind me to have a shorter shower this morning.

Getting organised is a good feeling, it is nice to know that at the end of this everything left in our house will have been chosen to be there.

Is there a difference between getting organised and decluttering? I do not feel I have really reduced clutter, I think I have just started putting things away more.  Hmm maybe that does reduce  clutter.

So that is a brief look at how it’s all going, the small changes that are happening in our life.






So officially 17 days into the start of the New Year and I have yet to blog about my Lagom NYR. In all the excitement of getting new stuff for free I overlooked the fact that I need to work out how to achieve my NYR- which incase you haven’t seen it in the several previous posts was to ‘Get organised so the whole family can live a more sustainable life.’ In Live Lagom terms being more sustainable seems to mean using less energy, minimising general wastage (both energy and food), sending as little as possible to general landfill and can also include cycling more and being more active.

I have picked out of this the bits that apply best to me, areas  I know I can improve upon. I am not going to give a list of the things that we were already doing right- because quite frankly it would bore me… (and probably you) and probably come across as a big, smug list of self congratulation. I am however, going to list what we are actively focussing on to achieve the NYR.


1.Recycle more– this is an easy one, the lovely SORTERA bins are in place and labelled, and when they get fill up things are taken to be recycled. Makes me feel good and keeps the house (and garden) tidy.


2. Use less energy -one way we are using less energy is by using LED lightbulbs.October to December usage for 2015 was 881 kwh, October to December usage for 2016 was 735 kwh. There are far too many variables to draw valid conclusions from this, but you have to admit this looks good (especially considering the amount of TV and xbox time the children sneaked in over Christmas…).

The children have been helping the Lagom life by remembering to close curtains when they get back from school and turning off lights they are not using. The GLASNAVA curtain at our back door is helping stop some heat loss, I am planning on hemming the other one we got and putting it by the door to the porch. Oh, and I have turned down the heating thermostat by one degree.

3.       No more half loads in the washing machine– with the aid of BLASKA washing baskets I now have space to store dirty clothes until there is enough for a full load- and the MULIG clothes airer means I can hang it all up to dry even on the wettest days outside.

4. More sustainable shopping– this one is tricky, and is where Lagom principles of finding the right balance for my family really get tested. If  I was just shopping for sustainability I would buy organic fruit and veg, visit farmers markets and farm shops and would never set foot in a supermarket again. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to live like that. So I do go to supermarket, the aim is just to go once a week; I plan meals in advance and  I try and consider the packaging that the products are in. I am not actively considering food miles and how things are grown when I shop.

A big change has been avoiding the special offers and sales, usually by now I would  have bought at least a  dozen items of bargain,reduced price stationery to go in the children’s stockings (pillowcases) at Christmas. These are normally opened, looked at, pens used once, books scribbled in once (just enough so you couldn’t ever give it away) and then put away (lost) in their bedrooms. This year I have resisted;  I will probably regret this nearer to Christmas but right now I feel good about not having bought unnecessary things.

Another big shopping change is that I have re-started ordering meat in bulk from the butchers. It means I do not have lots of silly plastic trays that you get from supermarkets. I  now always have meat in the freezer and only have the plastic bags it is packed in to dispose of. It does mean being a bit more organised as I have to order a day in advance, plan when I can pick it up and be aware of how much freezer space I really have.

5. Grow more vegetables– this is another easy one, last year I grew two pods of peas, and three radishes. I think I can do better this year. I have bought a VAXER nursery and have started some lettuce and herb seeds growing. I have moved the compost bin from the concrete onto the corner of my veg patch. It needs a bit of clearing up from last years half hearted attempt.



After people sharing their growing on the facebook page I have only started a few seeds, as I do not have much growing on space.

6. Get rid of some stuff– I suppose declutter is the correct term. We have lots of stuff, we keep getting new stuff. We need to have less stuff. This one is going to be hard- but very necessary. I am hoping that sorting everything out will help us to use what we already  have (like pens and notebooks used only once) and help the house work better. I am planning on a fairly gentle declutter  as I will keep things because ‘they might be useful one day’ – they often are. However, I am pretty sure we will be able to live quite happily without a good proportion of the things just lying around in our house.

So a very longwinded account of how I plan to achieve my NYR. Some changes are already taking place. My daughter had a science lesson on reducing heat loss from a home yesterday, she came home and told me about the  poster she had done: ‘I wrote Live Lagom on it, because it was all the stuff we do anyway.’  (She is looking forward to the cosy homes workshop.)

Looks like I might actually have sent myself a NYR that I can achieve.

Keep living Lagom !


This is how it all looks now, with coat hooks up for cycle helmets and a shelf to store all those things I don’t use all that often- in my case the box on the shelf contains flower vases, no one ever buys me flowers anymore… (I suppose that cut flowers aren’t very Lagom anyway…)

I think the space needs a bit of explaining, behind the curtain in the middle picture is the back door to my house, this area is a small corridor that leads straight into the kitchen. There is a sliding glass panelled door between the kitchen and this corridor but we never slide it all the way across as it often gets stuck. The back door is a bit draughty and the kitchen always feels cold in the winter- it has a very low insulated flat roof- the addition of the curtain should make the kitchen bit warmer.

I am really pleased with how the small changes have made this space go from this mess:



to this:


The addition of the curtain means we will keep the space cosier.

The baskets for clothes mean I can wait for a full load before I use the washing machine- so uses less energy.

The recycle bins mean I can recycle more things as they are all organised together- it also forces me to actually recycle stuff when they get filled up.

The cycle helmet hooks are a constant reminder to us that we have bikes, and really, really should use them more often…

So I am all prepared now to start my lagom journey, to get more organised so my family and I can live more sustainably.


I thought I would share with you the next steps in  our Lagom journey. My main focus is to get my house organised so that it is easy for everyone to recycle things and live in a healthier way; the main thing stopping us was the crazy piles of stuff everywhere waiting to be recycled.

In my head I do recycle, in actual life I just don’t throw anything away. There is a ‘bit’ of a problem between intention and action in my recycling habits.

I do regularly recycle paper, glass, tins, plastic bottles, green waste and food waste as they are collected fortnightly by the council.

I do sporadically recycle other plastics and plastic bags- when I remember to take them to the supermarket and put them in the bins there.

I do hardly ever recycle tetrapaks and tinfoil as I always forget to take them  when dropping daughter at Guides, the carpark there is the only place I have found that has recycling bins for them.

I do next to never (or never) recycle batteries, other WEEE items and scrap bits of metal  and yet I keep them all in my house in a separate box next to the general bin- and they keep getting in the way.

I also keep bottle tops and yogurt pots because I might have a great idea about what to do with them (see the rubbish crafts in the early blog posts for examples).

So my house has – or had- many special places to store, and ways of storing things to be recycled. Here is a picture of the corner of my kitchen taken just over a week ago.wp_20161216_16_40_29_pro

I also have this area by the washing machine for plastic bags, plastic and paper. This is how it looked just over a  week ago….

This is a very hard working area, it is the first thing you see when you come in the back door. It is a narrow corridor with coats on one side, washing machine, washing, recycling,shoes, tools and cycle helmets on the other.


And this is how it all looks now….

Almost all ready to start living Lagom. The shoe rack is made from the SPONTAN magazine racks and work really well. The boxes are SORTERA and seem to be a good size to fill up and then take to the right place to be emptied, I need to make labels for them. The baskets are the right size for a full load of washing and have already been brilliant for sorting out a big bag of holiday washing. We still need to add a shelf for ‘secondary storage’ (google it- its a real thing), hooks for cycle helmets and locks and the GLASNVA curtain to stop the drafts from the door.

I will post again when the work is finished and can give you more detail about the difference this small amount of organisation has made to our lives.

Until then Happy Christmas and don’t forget to #livelagom


So after the shopping list it seems sensible to tell you about my shopping trip to IKEA to purchase the things on the shopping list.

It went well, we got everything on the list – except the LED candles (which actually didn’t really fulfil out sustainable brief, they have been added to Father Christmas’ list and sent up the chimney to the North Pole)- and came in just under the £300 budget. It was lovely, walking around the show room with Chayten and Marta helped give us lots of ideas for when we have finished the extension (this is a long way off as we don’t even have a builder lined up yet). Some of the room sets and storage solutions that Marta showed us were amazing, I don’t think I ever appreciated quite how much thought goes into everything on display.

Here is the obligatory picture of our shopping haul.



The first thing we did when we got home was look at the smart meter to see how much energy we were using at that moment, with no lights on. (100w)

Then we turned all the lights on and looked at the usage. (520w) 9and then turned the lights off.

Then we changed in the LED bulbs and the adapters. Most of our ceiling lights needed the KOPPLA adapators as they were bayonet type light fittings, and IKEA LED bulbs are screw in. Then we turned all the lights on again. The usage was now only 280w.

Quite frankly I was amazed, especially as we only changed some of our bulbs, we purposely didn’t change them in rooms we are losing or changing in the build. As you can see from the photo most of  the lights we changed out were the supposed energy saving ones that we were all putting in a few years ago. We replaced 8 bulbs in total (we bought more, but realised we already had LED lights in some places) and reduced our usage by 140w. If we were to keep the lights on for 6 hours a day this would be 0.84kwh a day saved- over a month this would be 25.2kwh, on my current tariff (10.76p per kwh) this should save about £2.70 a month. Whilst this might not sound much it is about 9% of my usual electricity cost – pretty good going for one small change.

We had to change several of the bulbs around after we put them in as they didn’t provide the correct type of light where we had put them. This was a really interesting thing to do, but I will save the details for another post.

The MULIG clothes airer is already up and in use- frankly I don’t know how I managed without it. I no longer have to hang clothes from the curtain rail. It is big enough to dry bedding inside the house, which with the weather we have been having is invaluable. The FNISS and FILUR bins have gone into the necessary rooms and the children are slowly beginning to put the recyclables in one bin and non-recyclables in the other (except for yesterday when T had them upside down in her room and was using them as dragon mountains).

It will take us longer to bring some of the other purchases into the house. I need to do some painting before we can use the SORTERA boxes or the BLASKA clothes baskets.

I will post before and after pictures when there is an after to show.

What is becoming painfully obvious is that this is actually only the beginning of a very long journey- I am half way to Lagom, I am trying to reduce my energy consumption (in what I spend and the day to day choices I make) but I also need to think about the environment I live in. Time to consider the clutter we have built up and to reduce it a bit, I think this is going to be the painful – or at least the  most difficult- part.


It is my personal shopping day on Monday. Last Wednesday evening we all went to IKEA as a family and wandered round finalising ideas. I have created my shopping list and emailed it to IKEA Reading. I thought the best way to share my Lagom ideas with you is to share my list and talk about the things I have chosen. I am hoping that this will give you an idea about where my New Years Resolution is coming from.

So here goes, in no particular order (or more precisely the order it appears in my IKEA shopping basket).

IKEA LADDA rechargeable battery The battery is ready to use. IKEA STÖPEN LED block candle

Firstly some LADDA batteries and 2 STOPEN LED candles-these are my bribery objects for the children. It took us about 90 minutes to finish looking at everything we wanted to- 5 minutes (at least) was spent turning these candles upsidedown to turn them on and off again. “Mum we need to get some of these.” I will see (I am not sure they are on the list, but they are LED lights, so they might be OK).

IKEA FILUR bin with lid Easy to clean as the corners are rounded.IKEA FNISS waste bin Plastic is a durable material which is simple to wipe clean.

Lots of bins: two for each bedroom, two for the lounge and one more for the bathroom. In every room we will have a bin for recycling and bin for general waste (sweet wrappers and tissues mainly).

IKEA LADDA battery charger Provided with indicator light – clearly shows the charging status.IKEA LADDA rechargeable battery The battery is ready to use.IKEA LADDA rechargeable battery The battery is ready to use.

Battery charger (and batteries) will cut down on our consumption of single use. We do already have a battery charger and some batteries, but we had so few that the children had to take them out after they had used them so preferred to use the single use ones instead. When we have more they will be able to use them just like single use ones (except for the throwing away part).

IKEA TERTIAL work lamp

A new work light for the lounge, one that will take a LED lightbulb, means we don’t always need to turn main light on in lounge if we are just crafting or colouring whilst watching telly.

IKEA GLANSNÄVA curtain liners, 1 pairIKEA RÄCKA curtain rod The length is adjustable.IKEA BETYDLIG wall/ceiling bracketIKEA RAFFIG finials, 1 pair

A curtain and fittings. This is going to go across the back door, which is draughty- hopefully kitchen will be warmer in winter.

IKEA TJUSIG hanger for door/wallIKEA SPONTAN newspaper rackIKEA HJÄLMAREN double hook Space between the hooks for a label or name tag.IKEA BLASKA clothes-basketIKEA SORTERA waste sorting bin with lid

All these will help me organise a general dumping ground in my house, so that it works as a recycling, laundry and cycle accessory storage area. It will be easier for everyone to find the right place for recycling- everyone can get involved and less will go into general rubbish. Thanks to Marta at Reading Live lagom for the ideas.

IKEA MULIG drying rack 3 levels, in/outdoor Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

New clothes dryer, this one is huge. It will be nice to have enough indoor drying space to properly dry bed clothes and towels, it means I can wash larger loads- saving energy- and things will need less ironing- saving more energy (and my time).

IKEA LEDARE LED bulb GU10 400 lumenIKEA LEDARE LED bulb E27 1000 lumenIKEA LEDARE LED bulb E27 600 lumenIKEA KOPPLA B22 to E27 bulb converter Converts B22 socket to E27 socket.

LED lightbulbs and adapters, seems to be fairly standard for Lagommers lists.

IKEA SOCKER greenhouse Provides a good environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow.

And last a mini greenhouse, my son and I spend a lot of time planting veg seeds, I often have trouble propagating them properly. I hope this will help. I looked at the VAXER system but right now don’t have space to do it properly- I think it will be on next year’s Christmas list.

So that is my shopping list, and my New Years Resolution is ……..

to get organised to make it easier for my whole family to live sustainably.

I want this whole experience to be something everyone in the home can be involved in (this explains the LED candles, I hope). It is almost the most important part of the whole thing to me-helping my children to view sustainable practices like recycling and using less as a natural, normal way to live.

So two weeks ago today I had my home visit from IKEA as part of the Live Lagom project. Chayten and Marta came to my home and we discussed how I could make my life more Lagom: sustainable and living with the just the right amount of everything – not too much, not too little. It is interesting discussing your life and home with new people, and refreshing to see it through new eyes. All the little niggly things that just sort of happen, (like the accumulation of stuff on every available surface, or the hopelessly dull light fitting in the lounge) suddenly become something that I can change. Because actually the only reason there is a pile of stuff or a rubbish light is because we haven’t got round to it- it hasn’t been a focus- because being busy gets in the way and its gets neglected.( There are a lot of ‘becauses’ in that sentence. )

At the home visit I said the thing stopping me from living Lagom was time, but I am not sure that is strictly true, I think it is lack of focus that is stopping me. Like most people I am incredibly easily distracted- this is the main reason why it has taken me two weeks to write this blog entry. I am hoping that by managing to focus on the niggly bits that can be easily fixed in my home life will become better and I will find more time.

The things I am going to focus on are :

  1. Better organisation of waste/recycling – We don’t have much waste to go landfill as I keep lots of it to recycle in various places and ways. At the moment I hide it around the house until I get round to taking it to the right place. I am going to buy several SORTERA boxes, put them all in the same place and keep all the recycling (except food waste) together.
  2. Making recycling easier -This is linked to number 1. I am going to get 2 bins for all the rooms, one for proper rubbish, one for recycling. Then I can easily sort it without having to pick through old tissues and sweet wrappers.

Hopefully then I will be able to recycle more, be more efficient and not send more to landfill than I need to.

3. Lighting – this is two fold, we want to replace all the light bulbs with LED ones to save energy (this is a no brainer), we would also like sort out the lighting in the lounge, this might include some stand alone lights as well as sorting out main light (which hardly creates any light at all).

4. Rechargable batteries – Again a no brainer, IKEA LADDA rechargeable batteries last the life of 500, yes 500 !!! , non rechargeable batteries. Do I need to say more

These two changes will save energy and money.

I don’t think this will exhaust the £300 I have been allocated , I am hoping to be able to get a MULIG clothes airer and clothes baskets, not life changing but will make the washing easier. I also need to change the whole area around the washing machine, as mentioned in previous post. This will be change as it has been a place for stuff that has nowhere else to go for a long, long time. Hopefully after that there will be still some left to buy some growing things, I would like one of those little SOCKER windowsill greenhouses.

My shop with the #livelagom team is next Monday- I will let you all know then what sustainable delights I have come home with.

Until then live Lagom.


So we have a new IKEA store opened just down the hill-(luckily within walking distance so anything I buy has to fit in my bag, not in the car). And I signed up, and got accepted, on the Live Lagom scheme, focussing on making lives more sustainable by people making small changes in their lives.

We have some big changes happening here, we have finally decided to extend the house, to move the stairs out of the lounge and to make my son’s bedroom bigger. To carry this out we have to take out the side wall of our house- I am envisioning huge amounts of dust and lots of disruption. Life at the moment is beginning to be chaotic- to say the least. My initial reaction was to start packing everything up, so now the dining room/play room is full of half packed boxes, the unfinished game the children were playing this morning and the desk/half table that I am sitting at now typing on. In this room there is also a non working pinball machine and a couple of big boxes of things to get rid off. Chaos- on top of my usual chaotic madness.

And into this the lovely people from IKEA came. I think you have to be lovely to work at IKEA, positive and kind, I am not sure if they only recruit IKEA type people or if working there makes you IKEA type but it is definitely something to aspire to ( and now my children can aspire to it as well as it has opened just down the hill…) We chatted for an hour about what would make it easier to Live Lagom (having not too much, not too little just about right of everything). And it was decided life would be easier if everything was more organised. Amazing really ! So we have decided to sort out the general dumping area around the washing machine which currently looks like this:



And hopefully will end looking tidy with enough boxes to fit everything in -and put all the recycling in. I am also going to be replacing several light bulbs with LED ones to save energy and money.

So is this the start of making this house more organised and life more sustainable? A strange phrase that… There were a whole load of other little things to do to tweak day to day living- many of them don’t need an IKEA product to do it,

Oh and I am supposed to use hashtag livelagom. I am not sure I am quite brave enough to do that just yet.

I need a few days to digest all the information and decide what would be best to buy. I think a wander down the hill to IKEA is in order, for research purposes of course…








So here are some lovely crochet dragons that I made for the school fete, they then got bagged up with some lollies and put on a stall.


Dragons ready for Fill a Bag


…but before they flew off to places new I made a note of the pattern I had made up, just incase anyone else would like to have a go at making these little dragons.

Now I am not sure how accurate this is, or if it is written in the conventional language- but hopefully you will get the general idea. Oh and it’s the first pattern I have written so if it even makes sense that would be good.

Hook size: I used a size 3 hook.

Wool: I used some DK wool that I had lying around.


Round 1: ch2, 6 sc in second chain from hook , Join (6)

Round 2 : ch1 (2 sc in each stitch) x 6, Join (12)

Round 3:ch1 (1sc , 2sc) x 6, Join (18)

Round 4: ch1 (1sc, 1sc, 2sc ) x 6, Join (24)

Round 5- 12: 1sc in each stitch      (you can do more or less rounds depending on how big you would like your dragon, if you do a different number you will also have to adjust the length of the chain row for the spines)

Decreasing rounds.

Round 13: (sc 2 tog, 1sc,1sc) x 6 (18)

Round 14 and 15: 1sc in each stitch

Round 16: (sc 2tog, 1sc) x 6 (12)

Round 17: (sc 2tog) x 6 (6)

Round 18-20: 1sc in each stitch, Fasten off, leave neck open for stuffing. (this makes the neck of the dragon, you can do more rounds if you want a longer neck).


The body should look something like this.


Round 1: ch2, 6sc in second chain from hook, Join (6)

Round 2: ch1 (2sc in each stitch) x 6, Join (12)

Round 3 -8 : 1sc in each stitch  (This makes the dragon’s snout)

Increasing rounds.

Round 9: ch1 , (1sc, 2sc) x 6 (18)

Round 10: 1sc in each stitch

Round 11: (sc, sc, 2sc) x 6 (24)

Round 12- 14: 1sc in each stitch

Decreasing rounds

Round 15: (sc 2 tog, sc,sc) x 6 (18)

Round 16: (sc 2tog , sc) x 6 (12)

Round 17: (sc 2 tog) x 6 (6)

Fasten off.


Head should look something like this.

Legs and feet (make 2)

Round 1: ch2, 6sc in second chain from hook, Join (6)

Round 2: ch1, (2sc) x 6, Join (12)

Round 3: ch1, (sc, 2sc) x 6, Join (18)

Round 4 and 5: 1sc in each stitch

Round 6: sc 2tog x6, sc x 6 (12)

Round 7 and 8 : 1sc in each stitch

Round 9: sc 2tog x 6 (6)

Round 10- 15: 1sc in each stitch

Fasten off.


Arms (make 2)

Round 1: ch2 , 4sc in second chain from hook. Join (4)

Round 2: 2sc x4 (8)

Round 3 – 11: 1sc in each stitch, Fasten off.


Feet/legs and arms.


Wings (make 2)

Round 1: ch2, 6sc in second chain from hook, Turn (6)

Round 2: ch3, dc in stitch, (ch1, dc in stitch) x 5, Turn (12)

Round 3: ch3, 2dc in stitch, (ch1, 2dc) x 5, Turn

Round 4: Join new colour. (ch3, sl st into first chain, sl st x 5) x 6 .

Fasten off.


Wings, seen from front and back


Spines and tail

Row 1: ch 50

Row 2: sl st in second chain from hook, (sc in one chain, (hdc,dc,hdc) in next chain,sc in next, sl st in next) x 12  (Should take you to the end of the chain.

Fasten off.

(You can adjust these to make spikes spikier or bumpier as you choose).



Tail and spines


Head and body, joined at neck


Making up.

Stuff body and head and sew up.

Sew head to body, joining back of head to end of neck.

Stuff legs, but do not sew up.

DO NOT stuff arms.

Attach to body, keeping ends of legs open.

When attaching arms sew through both thicknesses so arms look flat.


Arms and legs attached


Next attach the spines, I found it easiest to do this by lying the dragon on its tummy and sewing from one side of row to the other. Start at head end, just after last increase round(round 11) and go until 3 rounds from base of body.


Spines attached, there will be a bit left for the tail, not sewn onto body.


Next attach wings, these attach to the top of the arms and then bend slightly to go down the back.





Wings attached

And finally for the tail.

Find the unattached end of the spine / tail piece

Attach body coloured wool to end (on straight side), I did this by making a slip knot and then drawing a loop through chain on spine /tail piece and the slip knot.

Then sc in every chain until you reach where it is attached to body. Bring loop through a place on the body to attach tail to body.

sc in every stitch back to end of tail, turn , sc into every stitch back to body. Securely attach to body. Fasten off.




Finally I used embroidery cotton to make eyes, nostrils and toes.

Hope you enjoy making these.

Well it has been a long time since my last post. I have been busy doing lots of things, trying to complete the projects I have had in the back of my mind for ages.

One of them was to use up the pile of plastic carrier bags I had ‘collected’. I needed to cover the seats of the kitchen chairs which were beginning to split. So I made plarn and crocheted it up to hide the splits in the seats. I also used some of the bags for fused plastic to cover the 4th seat.
What do you think?