My bedroom is so dusty- to be honest, this shouldn’t have been the surprise to me that it has been. I am not good at housework, I ignore the dust settling on everything, and I hoover sparingly (also the cat is often on the bed when I want to hoover and I don’t like to disturb him). It’s actually never bothered me before, but now I am wishing I had been a bit more houseproud.

I am sure you can guess what has changed- I have caught covid and am isolating in my bedroom for the next few days. I am on day 3, so I have a week to go. So far, so good, I am feeling ok, my temperature is up and down, and my nose is bunged up, I have an occasional cough. I am wondering if it is going to get worse or if the raging temperature I had on Monday evening was the worst of it. I don’t feel 100%, but I would have gone to work with feeling like this in pre-covid days. I am waiting for the extreme tiredness- I spend most of my life feeling tired, it would be good to catch up on that now.

So far it has been fine being in the same room for 3 days, I am lucky that my husband has been able to be home and manage feeding the children and the cats. I am lucky that I, for the first time in months (possibly years) ,had already done an online shop on Monday and it was delivered on Tuesday. I am lucky that my husband can cook and my children are old enough to understand to stay away. The cats do not understand of course, and seem a bit cross they can’t just wander in and out of their favourite sleeping room. They have adapted though, and have moved to my son’s bedroom.

Having so much time is strange, there is the feeling that I should use it constructively. I have tidied my room, and dusted- this was a bad idea as I then spent 5 minutes thinking my vision was blurry- when in fact it was dust on my glasses. I have sewn guide badges on my daughter’s camp blanket, I have crafted a bit. I have read, I have watched TV. I wonder if I should exercise- I am lucky in that I haven’t lost my sense of smell or taste yet, so am still eating the same amount of calories. Maybe exercise isn’t necessary, I am not sure I want to do it!

Part of me feels like a fraud, this is not the covid that other people talk about. I am very grateful for that, but now to sleep as I have been yawning whilst writing this. (And it’s popmaster time).