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On the face of it this week’s craft looked very simple.

Turn a cardboard ring like this (from a roll of gaffer tape or a ball of knitting wool):

Into a bracelet like this by gluing on sweet wrappers:

Unfortunately it turned into a very frustrating activity for my 3 year old who did not like having to wait for the glue to dry. I had many complaints of ‘They keep moving around’ and ‘The glue isn’t sticking’, which wasn’t really helped when he decided that the way to improve it was to put more glue over the top of the sweet wrappers like we do with paper mache.

The end result is still very nice, but I think in his head he wanted a smoother finish.

 It was a very frustrating morning for the poor lad as he then went to build a duplo tower which got knocked  over by someone else, then another child pulled all the bricks away and as he was getting those back some other child banged into the tower he had just started to rebuild (this last one was on purpose I’m sure). Much crying, shouting  and brick snatching then followed (from my son) and we soon left. It took him half an hour to stop sobbing . It would be nice for him to be able to build a tower in peace at toddlers.

I know it’s all part of learning social skills but as I was the only parent that reacted to the mini event I think my son was probably the only one that learnt anything. He was supposed to learn that he shouldn’t make such a fuss and just wait until the younger ones have got bored with destroying his game. I think he probably just learnt that life’s unfair.

Hmm, patience and control, all this perceived unfairness will be worth it in the end, isn’t that why I’m stricter on my children than anyone else seems to be?

Here is a picture of a tall flower and a small child. what a seamless link.


When my children were tiny I had a mental list of Ten Minute Tasks, things I could get done in the rare ten minutes when my children were napping or playing on their own. It was small household tasks like tidying the lounge, cleaning the sink or loading the washing machine. If you know me you will know I didn’t often get many free Ten Minutes.

The list has changed now, and the Ten Minute Tasks have become things my 3 year old son can do in the ten minutes before we are due to go out and I am otherwise occupied. His tasks, invented by himself quite often involve water and mud- or on a good day both.

In case you can’t tell his clothes are soaking and very muddy, this all happened in the 15 minute gap between coming home and having to go out again to school.

Other things on my 3 year old’s ten minute task list include: unrolling a toilet roll, creating a course to play Total Wipeout in the lounge and turning a piece of chocolate cake into crumbs.

He also took ten minutes to create this wonderful paper plate ladybird at toddlers today. This idea was taken from a book my (dear) sister gave me for Christmas. The paper plate is cut into 3 pieces and masking taped to a strip of card. It is then painted.

He very carefully painted the antennae and  wings  red with not too much going on the newspaper.

Isn’t it amazing what you can achieve in ten minutes?

Hello, the beautiful sunny weather we have been having has created countless breakfast time arguments over who gets the chair in the corner of the kitchen. Both children dislike having the sun shine through the window and into their eyes at breakfast. So to remedy this we have been making suncatchers.

I have been collecting plastic bags and carrier bags for a while now to use as plarn as the idea always appealed to me.Recently I found the time to cut them into long strips and tried knitting with them- with not much success, the plastic bag knit turned out very tight and very hard work. I then tried weaving and ironing the strips, and was pleased with the result.

I laid the strips onto greaseproof paper and masking taped the edges down, and then wove other strips in. I masking taped all 4 edges of the weaving (otherwise the plastic curls up)and ironed with a cool iron for about 30 seconds, left it to cool and then stuck it to window.

The children liked the result, they weren’t at all worried about the words still visible. My daughter was fascinated that it created a new material. Altogether we made 6 suncatchers in this way, the children made 2 each and just enjoyed laying the strips on top of one another rather than weaving them in.


This one is the one I like best, made by my daughter. They do their job, and we have no more arguments about who sits with their back to the sun- now they argue over who gets to look at the suncatchers….

Craft this week was  the yoghurt pot fish I showed you a few weeks ago- it wasn’t very popular, I have a big bag of stuck together pots that I have bought home. I am considering making a garden sculpture out of them….

My son had a go though.

       The photo doesn’t do it justice!

Hello. I have taken the recycling theme to a new high this week and have reused an activity from a session about 18 months ago. Does this count as super recycling or just laziness?

I am beginning to get to the end of my time at the toddler group (or should that be my son’s time at toddler group?) , and have realised two things 1. I need to plan the next few weeks carefully to use up the junk I have collected at home and 2. I need to clear out the craft cupboard at toddlers as I am the only one who can find anything in it.

It was in clearing out this cupboard that I found these:

I took an eggbox, cut out two cups and the sticky up bit in the middle, painted it white, added whiskers, a tail and eyes. And now we have a lovely 21st century fingermouse.

These are lovely- even if I do say so myself- my two children made some about 18 months ago and they are still in their bedrooms (somewhere).  Doesn’t look that much in the photo but they are very sweet.

My main dilemma at the moment is what to do with all the junk I have collected at home, I have planned the next few weeks and have found that it hardly diminishes the pile of rubbish at all. I wonder if the nursery my son will be going to will appreciate it?  The next dilemma is going forward  what am I going to do with all my future rubbish? Does it really matter……