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Usually I can’t wait to update this blog weekly, but I have had  a few weeks of uninspiring ideas so today’s blogging has taken a backseat to everything else.

Luckily after a lovely few days with my family I have come back with some brilliant things to use and some more exciting ideas. Hopefully the joy will be back in this blog next week. Till then here’s a picture to cheer you all up.

Yep it is impossible to get all four of them looking at the camera at the same time.


Hello all. This week we have mainly been celebrating my daughter’s  birthday – my lucky children generally get two or three birthday celebrations (each) a year, we have got two out-of-the-way already and the third will be this weekend. (This doesn’t mean we’re expecting a party, just some more presents). After confusing any new readers not in the know about my widespread family (yeah like there are any) let’s get on with the blog.

Here are my daughter’s fairy wand, wings and fairy dust bag from her party.

Wings are made out of cereal packets and covered on the other side in tinfoil, the wand is made out of two foam stars stuck together with a giant lolly stick glued between them . They were decorated with pens and stickers. The vast amounts of other sequins, double-sided tape and sticky dots I panic bought  just days before the party weren’t needed as I underestimated how difficult the girls at the party would find the task.

Party out the way I can concentrate again on some imaginative crafts for toddlers, unfortunetely was a bit uninspired for this week. This week we stuck sweet wrappers on old boxes, absolutely no point to this, but what does that matter?

We had a mini fundraising session at toddlers this week, everyone was asked to dress their child in red and give the group a £1. I’m not too sure how they felt about it but we raised some money and so might be able to buy some much needed new toys.

Obviously this week’s craft was Valentine based.

 This is my son’s card,  cut up wrapping paper stuck on a card. I left my example there this week- now means I have to make another card for husband (or maybe buy one).

These were the other craft, lovely messy handprints which I think have turned out really well.  Might do some more handprints another day as it’s something even the very little ones love.

Simple ideas again- next week’s is even simpler, sticking shiny things on a box, but hey you have to do what the children enjoy doing (nothing to do with me running out of ideas).

See you all soon.

Another simple one this week, mainly to use up lots of old cereal boxes.

 If you were impressed by the 16 buses I cut out the other week then be amazed by the 40, yes 40 rabbits that I cut out for this week (all slightly different I’ll have you know)! The fur is made out of torn up paper napkins from graze boxes.

The rabbit is because 2011 is the year of the rabbit, the sign on his tummy should say rabbit…(depends if you trust the internet or not).

Interestingly a child born in the year of the rabbit will be obedient and easy going , fit in well at school and will sit quietly and concentrate on one activity at a time… what  a good time to have a baby!!!! (no not me). Anyone born in 1975 is also a rabbit, so there might be something in it, especially as 1980 was the year of the monkey. (1977 was the year of the snake so we’ll stop there). Isn’t the internet a wonderful resource.

So Happy New Year, Valentines craft next week, expect hearts and red things, and lots of love.