*I am not sure if Living Lagom is grammatically correct, but it sounds good.

For the last three months my family and I have been trying hard to live in a Lagom way.

We have changed to LED bulbs, tried hard to recycle as much waste as possible, begun the never ending reducing of the amount of stuff we own and have started planning, and planting, to grow our own vegetables. I thought that maybe we would recycle a bit more than we used to and remember to turn off a few more lights- which we have done- but all these other things have happened as well.

  1. We have saved money.chart (1)
  2. Energy usage Gas 2015/16 in grey, 2016/17 in green
    chart (2)

    Energy usage electric 2015/16 grey, 2016/17 in blue

    Compared to the same time last year our energy usage for Jan and Feb is down 1082 kwh for gas and 84kwh for electricity.

    On my current tariff this works out at a saving of £46 for 2 months- possibly £276 a year! All through changing to LEDs, making my home cosier and reducing the heating by 1 degree.

  3. I have less housework to do.The children have embraced the Lagom ideal, they put their shoes  in the shoe-rack that is made out of SPONTAN magazine racks, they sort their rubbish into recyclables and non-recyclables using their FNISS bins and (when they remember) put their clothes in the correct BLASKA laundry basket above the washing machine. These baskets are great, I can store up the washing until I have a full load- thus making even less work for me!

3.       The rooms of our home (and I ) feel more organised

The SORTERA boxes have really helped me to keep on top of the recycling- when they are full I take the things to be recycled. Easy!  We are in the process of decluttering every room in the house, making it easier to find the things we really need.From our decluttering we have donated over 100 items to charity and giving away other items to friends with younger children.


4.  We are creating less waste.

We now throw away less than a black bag full of non recyclables every two weeks. Our food waste has also reduced, I have become more resistant to the special offers at the supermarket (also helps save money), I think I have also reduced the volume of food I cook (or else my children have got bigger appetites).

5. My son is becoming an entrepreneur

He has sorted out some of his old toys and begun selling them at car boot sales- at the last one he sold £12 worth of things, to a 9 year old boy this is a fortune. (Unfortunately his expenses were £11).

6.I have discovered my children love sewing

Result of February’s Cosy Home Workshop- need I say more…



Sausage the Shark draught excluder, sewn by my son.


7. I am running out of windowsills to grow things.



Just a few of the seedlings waiting for more space.


Those VAXER seed starter plugs are amazing, every single one that I used produced a viable plant-  I am impatiently waiting for warmer weather to get out in the garden.

So there we are; 7 unexpected things that have happened, so far, because of the live Lagom project.

There are still a couple of areas to work on

my seedlings need to go out into the garden- fingers crossed they still do well.

as a family we could be more active- the cycle helmets hanging by the back door are begging to be used.

But so far, all is going well as these results show.

Stay happy and keep living lagom.