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Here is a picture of the rocket car that we have been making this week. The kit was a Christmas present from my mum to my son and we have spent all week after school making it. Thank you mum!

What was particularly impressive was that the main components were cardboard cones and tubes. The cones and tubes looked like they were surplus/ waste from another industry (maybe used to hold wool on looms or something like that).  My daughter made a puppet from a similar kit, but that has disappeared into the Aladdin’s cave that is her bedroom.

Recycled craft kits for children, brilliant idea. Wish I’d thought of it……


Happy New Year, as this is my first post of 2012. It seems that having lots of time and nothing to do has made me  very disorganised. Weekly blogs are definitely a thing of the past. Not only have I run out of ideas, I have also had a bit of a clear out and thrown many many many things in the …… bin.

However, I have found time to help help my son make an Octonaut GUP-A , following  instructions in his CBeebies magazine. It was very simply done.

In case you can’t tell the body is torn up tissue paper stuck onto a plastic bottle, using slightly watered down pva glue. It took about 12 hours to dry.

 The other bits were cut out from his magazine and sellotaped on.  Quite pleased with how it turned out. It also helps nicely illustrate one of my favourite words, translucent,  which my daughter has as one of her spelling words thisweek.

I was considering covering other bottles in tissue paper and turning them into a rocket mobile for when we finally decorate my son’s bedroom (though this won’t be very soon). He seemed quite interested in space just before Christmas. However, when we were talking about it he decided he wanted a Lego bedroom.  My initial dismay has turned into inspired excitement as I think I have just the thing to make a large, fake lego bricks….. watch this space……..