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Sorry for the bad pun in the title. I think however, it is appropriate as the week’s rubbish craft is brilliant, back to the old standard of  stuck together rubbish!  The whole thing was decided upon, designed and done by my four year old (well most of it).

After watching Mister Maker he decided he wanted to make a tractor. We rummaged around in the junk box(es) until he found the bits he needed. Using 2 cardboard tubs, 6 lids and part of a cereal box he made this.


First the tubs were painted green and left to dry.

 The next day the wheels were stuck on with double sided tape. I then mixed some pva glue with yellow paint for him to paint the wheels. This bit didn’t work very well!

After it was dry we attached the trailer to the tractor and added stickers for decoration.

Brilliant eh?

I have also been working on this, would like to know if you can work out what it is meant to be. Even my usually perceptive children took several guesses on this one. Good Luck!



This week’s craft was designed with one aim in mind- to use up as many of the things that I had been collecting as possible. I have recently realised I have far more craft rubbish in my kitchen and office (and under pinball machine and in my greenhouse) than I have need for at toddlers. The sensible thing would be to bin it as soon as toddlers has finished but somehow that seems wrong.

Anyway, this week I have managed to use up all the toilet rolls,  the strawberry boxes (left over from the Easter baskets a few weeks back), some card I have had for a while and the tops of washing liquid bottles I collected just in case. Pretty good going really.

Using these 4 things, a lot of masking tape and some paint these dumper trucks or diggers (depends which way you drive them) were made.


A tiny bit of imagination is needed (the bottle tops are supposed to be drivers or chimneys ( according to my daughter)). But you get the general idea.

I guess this idea can easily be adapted for any box, just remember to fold the cardboard so that the truck can tip the rubbish out.

Well that’s it for this week, I found this photo on my camera of my 4 most favourite people (my husband’s knee is just to the edge of the picture, probably better than having all of him in the photo).


Had a week off last week planting trees at school, back to normal this week.

We had a mini Easter party at toddlers and my contribution was Easter Baskets. The children loved this- I think it was the combination of paint and glue- heaven for small children, not so good for the plastic tablecloth that has been washed and is hanging on my line as I type.

These are the Easter Baskets, one is mine, one is my six year old daughter’s and one is my three year old son’s. See if you can work out which is which.

Also this week my daughter has found an old exam paper in her box of scrap paper. Here is her answer to the last question, hope you can read it.

Not a bad answer….