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The Ninja, Hedgehog and Caterpillar, shame we didn’t plant something edible.




Today was the next Live lagom workshop, entitled growing in small spaces. Started off with a presentation from one of the co-workers (that’s staff to you and me)  about how best to grow in small spaces with some helpful tips. We then painted some lovely terracotta plant-pots and made some grass-heads out of old tights- I am looking forward to these growing as we have a ninja, a caterpillar and a hedgehog. We filled the pots with IKEA soil and used some VAKER seed plugs to plant some seeds on. I also scattered some of the soil as an experiment to see if there is a difference in germination times.

I have put pictures of the pots as they are this morning and (if I remember) will update you next week with the growth. At the moment they are sitting on the cooker and the kitchen table waiting for me to find them somewhere to live.

Spring is here, the bulbs we planted back in October are turning into beautiful spring flowers, the primroses I transplanted from around the garden are bursting forth in a lovely yellow butteryness of colour. All the plants I over-pruned in the winter are coming back with tiny little buds of green leaves or frothy whiteness of, soon to be fruit, blossoms. I walked to IKEA today to meet a friend for coffee and infront of me on the lane were two robins, a blackbird, a pigeon and a grey squirrel, whilst the hedges overflowed with blossoms and daisies. I love this time of year.

It is also the time of year when I feel most optimistic. I visit garden centres gazing longingly at packets of seeds and pots of plants, usually leaving empty handed to go home and sift through last year’s half used packets. I love planning what is going to go where, hopefully starting seeds in old plastic tubs, covering with plastic bags to help germination. It just never seems to turn into anything worth eating at the end of it.

Because of the lagom project I have been inspired to think about things slightly differently this year. I have been to a garden centre, but only to spend my loyalty voucher. I bought some herb seeds, all for herbs that are pick and come again, or self seeding and can be used in herbal teas- my new faddy thing.  As for the growing veg this year I am going to use up the seeds I already have- and plant lots of them, in the hope that they will produce enough at the same time for at least one meal. A lowly ambition but at least it is achievable.

On Thursday we have another Live Lagom workshop, which is about growing in small spaces. By the looks of the facebook page we are decorating suitable growing containers and planting seeds/ plants. I am already looking at my overcrowded windowsills wondering where they will go.

I have a very lagommy collection of plants on my windowsills- they include:

5 orange (or lemon I can’t remember) plants grown from seeds.

4 spider plants from a cutting from my mum

4 money plants from a plant from my mum- these things do not seem to die

1 gingko tree (I think) a present from mum

1 small plant, a present from a pupil’s mum

1 small collection of succulents – should be in daughter’s bedroom but she forgot to water them

And on the kitchen windowsills I have

5  pepper plants in the SOCKER greenhouse, grown from the seeds of a pepper we ate.

1 VAXER nursery with 3 plugs of kiwi fruit seeds (taken from a kiwi) just starting to sprout, 6 plugs of herb seeds,  2 pots of oregano plants waiting for warmer weather to plant out and the root end of little gem lettuce that I stuck in water and it has begun to sprout.

This weekend I also potted up some sage, some spring onions I grew from ends of spring onions and some lettuces for salad.  That’s it for the windowsills

Also in my house is a swiss cheese plant, the 3rd generation of a cheese plant mum gave to me when I went to university. It is not the happiest of plants, its leaves are never swiss cheesy- always solid- I am hoping one day I can find it a happier place in my house.

So my plans for the next few months in the garden are to try and plant as many seeds as possible and use as much of the produce as possible. Lets see how that goes…