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Take a muller light yogurt pot and a nutella lid and glue together.

Wrap in tinfoil.

Make 2 thin ‘sausages’ out of tin foil and tape in place to look like handles.

Tie some ribbon around middle.

And this is what you get:












Perfect trophies for Fathers’ (or Father’s ???) Day. Would love to know what you think.

My husband and daughter have also been rubbish crafting this week, making a dinosaur for her to take into school.


                                        Amazing what you can do with a load of old junk.


Hello. I have taken the recycling theme to a new high this week and have reused an activity from a session about 18 months ago. Does this count as super recycling or just laziness?

I am beginning to get to the end of my time at the toddler group (or should that be my son’s time at toddler group?) , and have realised two things 1. I need to plan the next few weeks carefully to use up the junk I have collected at home and 2. I need to clear out the craft cupboard at toddlers as I am the only one who can find anything in it.

It was in clearing out this cupboard that I found these:

I took an eggbox, cut out two cups and the sticky up bit in the middle, painted it white, added whiskers, a tail and eyes. And now we have a lovely 21st century fingermouse.

These are lovely- even if I do say so myself- my two children made some about 18 months ago and they are still in their bedrooms (somewhere).  Doesn’t look that much in the photo but they are very sweet.

My main dilemma at the moment is what to do with all the junk I have collected at home, I have planned the next few weeks and have found that it hardly diminishes the pile of rubbish at all. I wonder if the nursery my son will be going to will appreciate it?  The next dilemma is going forward  what am I going to do with all my future rubbish? Does it really matter……