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Day 2 of being a house wife! My youngest has started full time school and my days between 9 and 3 are now all mine and mine alone. What to do?

Anyway I am very, very good at procrastinating so I will decide on an answer to that later. Right now I am going to show you the half finished robot we made in the holidays and post a picture of my two children ready for school yesterday so it’s captured forever in t’internet land.

Not sure what order wordpress will display them in, but it should be obvious which is which.

I think the robot is destined to always be half finished, as the children lost interest after we added the jousting arm,and they realised he wasn’t going to be quite as good as they imagined. He now stands in the corner of the playroom slowly falling forward as his legs aren’t strong enough. Sure this is a metaphor for something, not quite sure what though.



Hello again to my regular readers and welcome to any new readers, look at this link (not the photo, I just couldn’t get that in the right place), I am number 19 ! I had over a hundred hits  in one day from this link. I think the article has been copied onto another site and I am getting a lot of hits from there at the moment, so if you are new to this blog please do leave a comment to say Hello.

Anyway I suppose I should try to raise the creativity of my creations, the sports cars were probably one of the best things I’ve created to be honest.  But that will happen next time, this is just another post with an uninspired idea….

My mother in law retired on Friday from her job of many years in a primary school. I think she had been planning retirement for a while, but in the end her reasons for retirement became more pressing and she retired a term earlier than expected. I decided we probably should make her something to mark the occasion so the children and I created ‘Granny’s Box of Ideas’. We glued lots of pictures onto a box and covered it in sticky-back plastic, my 7 yr old daughter than thought of a few things Granny could do when she has ten minutes or so spare… I was hoping they’d turn into aspirational life improving ideas, such as ‘Do something to make you laugh’ or philosophical questions, such as ‘What is beauty?’, but these ideas were turned down. Even my ‘go on holiday’ idea was dismissed with a ” How’s she going to do that if she’s only got ten minutes?” So there are ten mundane but pleasant (almost all pleasant, there is a ‘Kiss Grandad on the lips’ suggestion in there) ideas for Granny to do. unfortunately I don’t know her well enough to add some of my own in there. I’m hoping she will add things she would like to do and save them up for another time. Well I’m sure she’ll like it anyway.

Sorry for the bad pun in the title. I think however, it is appropriate as the week’s rubbish craft is brilliant, back to the old standard of  stuck together rubbish!  The whole thing was decided upon, designed and done by my four year old (well most of it).

After watching Mister Maker he decided he wanted to make a tractor. We rummaged around in the junk box(es) until he found the bits he needed. Using 2 cardboard tubs, 6 lids and part of a cereal box he made this.


First the tubs were painted green and left to dry.

 The next day the wheels were stuck on with double sided tape. I then mixed some pva glue with yellow paint for him to paint the wheels. This bit didn’t work very well!

After it was dry we attached the trailer to the tractor and added stickers for decoration.

Brilliant eh?

I have also been working on this, would like to know if you can work out what it is meant to be. Even my usually perceptive children took several guesses on this one. Good Luck!


Since the start of term the usual piles of organised mess in my lounge have been transformed into this…

Everything from the playroom/dining room except the pinball machine has been neatly piled into any available space. My husband has spent his last few evenings and all of this morning laying a new floor in the emptied room.

With a little help from a helpful four year the floor is nearly done, and things can move back in soon…. Only for the lounge to be filled up again with the contents of my kitchen cupboards, ready for a new kitchen.  Oh well will be worth it in the end. 

Enough moaning. This week’s post is more about what happened when I gave my four year old a choice between making something or playing a game one afternoon.  As you can guess, he choose both- and this is the result.

A very unique Snakes and Ladders game. The placing of the squares and snakes and ladders were left entirely up to my son, which lead to a very interesting numbering system. There are also some squares that take you up two ladders if you land on them.  It’s playable though. Hope it gives someone a crafty idea to amuse their little one.

Bizarrely I have been getting a few ‘real’ hits on here, mainly people wondering what to do with yogurt pots. I now don’t have to worry about yogurt pots the toddler group has found a way to raise money by recycling them through Terracycle- so as long as I buy Danone yogurt (as that is the type they take) I no longer have to bin them. A good start to reducing rubbish.

That aside I thought I would post a couple of the things we have done so far in the holidays. I know we’re only a week in.  My two children were playing schools on Tuesday so desperate are they to go back…..

My son discovered from somewhere (I have no idea where) two large cardboard tubes that were immediately imagined into horses and ridden around the house for the evening. The next day we got some cereal boxes, kitchen roll inners and pink wool and created unicorns.

This pretty unicorn has only one horn, my son wanted to go bigger and better and has a 4 horned beauty. I suppose this means it’s not a unicorn anymore?  No pictures of that one as when I took  the photos  he had just taken all his very muddy clothes off ( where he got mud from when it hadn’t rained for four days is one of those mysteries that children create).

Yesterday we visited a National Trust property where there were sculptures made out of twigs and pine cones hidden around the garden for the children to spot. We tried our own versions at home.  If you look carefully at the photo below you may spot a pine cone caterpillar on the purple table and a pine cone spider dangling near the entrance of the den.


I guess the Rubbish Crafting is still going on, I just don’t have any toddlers to craft for anymore.

This week’s craft was designed with one aim in mind- to use up as many of the things that I had been collecting as possible. I have recently realised I have far more craft rubbish in my kitchen and office (and under pinball machine and in my greenhouse) than I have need for at toddlers. The sensible thing would be to bin it as soon as toddlers has finished but somehow that seems wrong.

Anyway, this week I have managed to use up all the toilet rolls,  the strawberry boxes (left over from the Easter baskets a few weeks back), some card I have had for a while and the tops of washing liquid bottles I collected just in case. Pretty good going really.

Using these 4 things, a lot of masking tape and some paint these dumper trucks or diggers (depends which way you drive them) were made.


A tiny bit of imagination is needed (the bottle tops are supposed to be drivers or chimneys ( according to my daughter)). But you get the general idea.

I guess this idea can easily be adapted for any box, just remember to fold the cardboard so that the truck can tip the rubbish out.

Well that’s it for this week, I found this photo on my camera of my 4 most favourite people (my husband’s knee is just to the edge of the picture, probably better than having all of him in the photo).



Sorry for the slight blogging delay, will be back to normal next week- and its a going to be a great craft idea then….

This week I went for simple but beautiful- much like life. As you can see a week filled with camping, fossils, hotels and musicals has left me in a very relaxed state of mind. These suncatchers seemed ideal.

Using my favourite faddish resource – a graze box- I took out the inner (which is a piece of cardboard with 4 rectangles in that looks like a window).  I then taped a  sheet  of stiff, clear plastic (in this case they were OHP sheets that someone had donated to the toddler group) to the back. I then glued torn up strips of tissue paper all over it



It looked like this:

Held up to the light it looks like this:

Very nice, I can imagine that done in blues and yellows it will look very summery this one looks a bit stormy.

Enjoy your weekend.


Why am I more upset about the death of my daughter’s goldfish than she is? I think it is a feeling of failure on my part, I should be able to keep a goldfish alive longer than 4 days… Well anyway last week (even before Gabriella the short lived came into our lives) I finally found a happy solution to one of my rubbish crafting dilemmas.

Muller Corner pots look like they should be great for my kind of crafting, but suffer from two major flaws.

1) They are plastic so if you want to paint them you have to mix paint with PVA – fine if you are doing one or two models but too expensive to do if you have 20 plus children at a cash-strapped toddler group.

2) They are not as strong as you think they are. Puppets are the immediate thing people (usually)  think of to make out of these pots but after a few squishes the big triangle will break from the little one.

But I didn’t really discover these flaws until I had 24 or so yoghurt pots piled up in the kitchen. It took me a while and several failed ideas before I finally decided what I was going to do with the pots. Dinosaurs (the ones with spikes on their backs), boats and sails, mountains and cars were all dismissed as impractical, then after some cheeky comments from my sister the fish idea began to take shape.

Attempt 1, stuck on cardboard and painted with PVA and paint mix.

Attempt 2. Joined with masking tape covered with silver foli and sweet wrappers

Attempt 3 A mix of both previous attempts

Attempt 4 Sweet wrappers stuck onto cardboard, happy smile

And then, finally…………

Two half pots stuck together, decorated with sweet wrappers, tissue paper and happy smile


And it even uses up the supermarket shoe coat hangers I have had sitting in my kitchen for 2 years.

I am ridiculously pleased with these, you may have noticed that by the amount of detail I have put into this post.  I haven’t taken them to toddlers yet as I now have to stick 30 or 40 pairs of yogurt pots together as they take a while to stick properly. Look out for their appearance in a few weeks time.

Yes I do have a lot of free time.

Craft at toddlers this week was Sheep made out of cotton wool. One of the mums like them so much she said she might even do this with her class when she went back to work!!!!

Or maybe she was just being polite.

I have also had time to make chocolate cake this week. I had help cleaning the bowl and mixer.

See you soon.

Hello all. This week we have mainly been celebrating my daughter’s  birthday – my lucky children generally get two or three birthday celebrations (each) a year, we have got two out-of-the-way already and the third will be this weekend. (This doesn’t mean we’re expecting a party, just some more presents). After confusing any new readers not in the know about my widespread family (yeah like there are any) let’s get on with the blog.

Here are my daughter’s fairy wand, wings and fairy dust bag from her party.

Wings are made out of cereal packets and covered on the other side in tinfoil, the wand is made out of two foam stars stuck together with a giant lolly stick glued between them . They were decorated with pens and stickers. The vast amounts of other sequins, double-sided tape and sticky dots I panic bought  just days before the party weren’t needed as I underestimated how difficult the girls at the party would find the task.

Party out the way I can concentrate again on some imaginative crafts for toddlers, unfortunetely was a bit uninspired for this week. This week we stuck sweet wrappers on old boxes, absolutely no point to this, but what does that matter?

Apologies for all of you who  clicked in yesterday to see the latest exciting installment. Here it is, just a day late.

This week’s activity was painting photoframes, made out of the inners of the graze boxes.

The activity was quite popular, and a lot of  photoframes were taken home, which creates a tiny dilemma. I wonder what will happen to all the photoframes when the novelty has worn off? If there were in my house, they’d end up in the recycle box which is where they’d be if they weren’t reused. Who knows where they end up in other people’s houses.

So the dilemma is do I reuse anything and everything I can get my hands on for this craft table or do I recycle what I can and focus on reusing just what can’t be recycled?

Me thinks I think to much.

Have a good weekend.