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One of my memories of childhood is my mum collecting the seeds from melons and washing and drying them. She would keep the dried seeds in a pot and when we asked why she told us she wanted to make a melon seed necklace. I don’t know if she ever did make that necklace, maybe when she reads this she will be inspired to start collecting them again… or maybe not.

Anyway I always wanted to make a melon seed necklace and found myself instinctively scooping out the seeds from a melon and washing and drying them the other day. On a whim I dyed half red and half blue and there they sat in two yogurt pots on my worktop for a few weeks.

Then my daughter announced on the Wednesday of half term that she would like a Jubilee Party, just me, her and her brother.  Alright then.

So we bought some cheese and pineapple (but forgot the cocktail sticks), made a trifle and iced some buns. We also played Hunt the Flag, (which P was very good at hiding) and made……. melon seeds bracelets! Not quite necklaces but they did take a lot longer than I thought.


Incase you are wondering how this beautiful bracelet was made here are the instructions:

1. Take a piece of strong, but thin thread (I used all 6 strands of embroidery cotton) cut it a bit longer than distance around the intended recipients wrist.

2. Tie a big knot at one end and thread a needle to the other. The needle needs to be sharp and thin enough to go through the centre of a melon seed.

3. Push the needle through the centre of a melon seed and down the thread.

4. When you have enough seeds on your thread tie up the ends. I did some kind of slip knot thing so that we could adjust the tightness of the bracelet.

Easy! Although, not really suitable for very small children as the needle needs to be quite sharp. It can be adapted by making holes in the melon seeds before giving them to small children to thread on a string, but I split a lot of seeds that way. 

I am not sure if melon seed necklaces do, or can,get more complicated I have googled them but not found anything that inspiring.

And so here is a picture to sum up my half-term. My 4 year old carefully icing a bun, wearing the crown he made at the museums make and take that he was adamant he didn’t want to go to.  In the end he was very pleased that we did go. He put the crown on yesterday,” I do look good in this don’t I ?”



my two children created a band.  P was on drums and percussion, made out of unturned plastic containers, a wooden snake and a comb, T was string and vocals, with a guitar made out of paper, sellotape and elastic bands. A wonderful song about goodys followed.


We have also been making beads from mached newspaper. P and I tore newspaper into small pieces, covered it with boiling water and left it to stand for a couple of hours. I then added lots of PVA glue and the three of us made balls of grey mush, squeezing out as much liquid as possible.


They are supposed to take a few days to dry, then we drill holes through the middle to make beads, and then paint and varnish them. Will let you know how they turned out.