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Well here we are again, camera, lead, computer and time!

Here are some photos

These are the snakes made by stamping a selection of bottle tops onto paper. Messy, fun and allowing a lot of creativity!

Last week’s craft was a shaker, a toilet/kitchen roll  inner filled with pasta and covered in paper. A bit too complicated. Originally these were going to be lighthouses with yogurt pots on for the light until I realised under 5s wouldn’t really know what a lighthouse was. So the idea evolved to a noisy toy.

This is my son’s shaker, looks a bit like a firework.

And then this week’s craft:

 Which is just Muller Corner yoghurt pots with eyes and hair stuck on to make puppets. Easy with a lot of scope for personalisation.

Well managed it, all updated- Ok until next week.


Finally a few minutes to type up the last couple of weeks of crafty things.

Husband and camera have returned, parents have gone home and children are at school and pre-school. Ten minutes to go before I have to pick little one up… and guess what I have lost the lead for the camera…. not much point to this blog if I can’t upload photos.

Oh well, I really am no good at this blogging thing (or maybe just no good at keeping things on the right place). Best go now, will be back when I have found the camera lead.

Three weeks in and already I have managed to miss a week of this blog thing. I guess I’d better try harder in future as there may be people hanging on my every word, just waiting to see what rubbish I force on the toddlers this week.

Sadly all the pictures I took this week are on my husband’s camera that he has taken to work with him all this week. So you will have to wait with bated breath for the pictures of the snakes we  painted last week- a definite re-using activity. The paper was from a recycling company and the snakes were decorated by using bottle tops as paint stampers.

I’m sure you can hardly wait to see the results.

Till Thursday then…