So here are some lovely crochet dragons that I made for the school fete, they then got bagged up with some lollies and put on a stall.


Dragons ready for Fill a Bag


…but before they flew off to places new I made a note of the pattern I had made up, just incase anyone else would like to have a go at making these little dragons.

Now I am not sure how accurate this is, or if it is written in the conventional language- but hopefully you will get the general idea. Oh and it’s the first pattern I have written so if it even makes sense that would be good.

Hook size: I used a size 3 hook.

Wool: I used some DK wool that I had lying around.


Round 1: ch2, 6 sc in second chain from hook , Join (6)

Round 2 : ch1 (2 sc in each stitch) x 6, Join (12)

Round 3:ch1 (1sc , 2sc) x 6, Join (18)

Round 4: ch1 (1sc, 1sc, 2sc ) x 6, Join (24)

Round 5- 12: 1sc in each stitch      (you can do more or less rounds depending on how big you would like your dragon, if you do a different number you will also have to adjust the length of the chain row for the spines)

Decreasing rounds.

Round 13: (sc 2 tog, 1sc,1sc) x 6 (18)

Round 14 and 15: 1sc in each stitch

Round 16: (sc 2tog, 1sc) x 6 (12)

Round 17: (sc 2tog) x 6 (6)

Round 18-20: 1sc in each stitch, Fasten off, leave neck open for stuffing. (this makes the neck of the dragon, you can do more rounds if you want a longer neck).


The body should look something like this.


Round 1: ch2, 6sc in second chain from hook, Join (6)

Round 2: ch1 (2sc in each stitch) x 6, Join (12)

Round 3 -8 : 1sc in each stitch  (This makes the dragon’s snout)

Increasing rounds.

Round 9: ch1 , (1sc, 2sc) x 6 (18)

Round 10: 1sc in each stitch

Round 11: (sc, sc, 2sc) x 6 (24)

Round 12- 14: 1sc in each stitch

Decreasing rounds

Round 15: (sc 2 tog, sc,sc) x 6 (18)

Round 16: (sc 2tog , sc) x 6 (12)

Round 17: (sc 2 tog) x 6 (6)

Fasten off.


Head should look something like this.

Legs and feet (make 2)

Round 1: ch2, 6sc in second chain from hook, Join (6)

Round 2: ch1, (2sc) x 6, Join (12)

Round 3: ch1, (sc, 2sc) x 6, Join (18)

Round 4 and 5: 1sc in each stitch

Round 6: sc 2tog x6, sc x 6 (12)

Round 7 and 8 : 1sc in each stitch

Round 9: sc 2tog x 6 (6)

Round 10- 15: 1sc in each stitch

Fasten off.


Arms (make 2)

Round 1: ch2 , 4sc in second chain from hook. Join (4)

Round 2: 2sc x4 (8)

Round 3 – 11: 1sc in each stitch, Fasten off.


Feet/legs and arms.


Wings (make 2)

Round 1: ch2, 6sc in second chain from hook, Turn (6)

Round 2: ch3, dc in stitch, (ch1, dc in stitch) x 5, Turn (12)

Round 3: ch3, 2dc in stitch, (ch1, 2dc) x 5, Turn

Round 4: Join new colour. (ch3, sl st into first chain, sl st x 5) x 6 .

Fasten off.


Wings, seen from front and back


Spines and tail

Row 1: ch 50

Row 2: sl st in second chain from hook, (sc in one chain, (hdc,dc,hdc) in next chain,sc in next, sl st in next) x 12  (Should take you to the end of the chain.

Fasten off.

(You can adjust these to make spikes spikier or bumpier as you choose).



Tail and spines


Head and body, joined at neck


Making up.

Stuff body and head and sew up.

Sew head to body, joining back of head to end of neck.

Stuff legs, but do not sew up.

DO NOT stuff arms.

Attach to body, keeping ends of legs open.

When attaching arms sew through both thicknesses so arms look flat.


Arms and legs attached


Next attach the spines, I found it easiest to do this by lying the dragon on its tummy and sewing from one side of row to the other. Start at head end, just after last increase round(round 11) and go until 3 rounds from base of body.


Spines attached, there will be a bit left for the tail, not sewn onto body.


Next attach wings, these attach to the top of the arms and then bend slightly to go down the back.





Wings attached

And finally for the tail.

Find the unattached end of the spine / tail piece

Attach body coloured wool to end (on straight side), I did this by making a slip knot and then drawing a loop through chain on spine /tail piece and the slip knot.

Then sc in every chain until you reach where it is attached to body. Bring loop through a place on the body to attach tail to body.

sc in every stitch back to end of tail, turn , sc into every stitch back to body. Securely attach to body. Fasten off.




Finally I used embroidery cotton to make eyes, nostrils and toes.

Hope you enjoy making these.