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Bizarrely I have been getting a few ‘real’ hits on here, mainly people wondering what to do with yogurt pots. I now don’t have to worry about yogurt pots the toddler group has found a way to raise money by recycling them through Terracycle- so as long as I buy Danone yogurt (as that is the type they take) I no longer have to bin them. A good start to reducing rubbish.

That aside I thought I would post a couple of the things we have done so far in the holidays. I know we’re only a week in.  My two children were playing schools on Tuesday so desperate are they to go back…..

My son discovered from somewhere (I have no idea where) two large cardboard tubes that were immediately imagined into horses and ridden around the house for the evening. The next day we got some cereal boxes, kitchen roll inners and pink wool and created unicorns.

This pretty unicorn has only one horn, my son wanted to go bigger and better and has a 4 horned beauty. I suppose this means it’s not a unicorn anymore?  No pictures of that one as when I took  the photos  he had just taken all his very muddy clothes off ( where he got mud from when it hadn’t rained for four days is one of those mysteries that children create).

Yesterday we visited a National Trust property where there were sculptures made out of twigs and pine cones hidden around the garden for the children to spot. We tried our own versions at home.  If you look carefully at the photo below you may spot a pine cone caterpillar on the purple table and a pine cone spider dangling near the entrance of the den.


I guess the Rubbish Crafting is still going on, I just don’t have any toddlers to craft for anymore.


Well hello again, maybe for the last time, as it is my last week as craft lady at playgroup.

Continuing the mimibeast theme this week’s craft was Bees.

I took 2 graze tubs (any clear plastic containers will do) and stuck yellow paper into the bottom and put some bottle tops inside.

I then taped the 2 tubs together with black insulation tape (‘borrowed’ from husband’s rugby bag).

Added 2 wings and 2 eyes.

The finished product is not only very cute but also rattles just like a bee (?)

Pretty cute, even if  I do say so myself.

Also this week my children have been making bracelets and necklaces for their teachers. We made some beads out of fimo a few weeks ago and they threaded them and some plastic pony beads onto strings this week.

Here is my son’s ‘matching’ set for his key worker at pre-school.

And so now there are just 2 weeks of term left  and 6 weeks of holiday before both my children are at the same school and I have 5 mornings of free time a week. The question everyone asks is ‘ What are you going to do?’ and the answer is all those things I should have been doing for the last 6 and a half years. Not too sure what they are yet, but I’m sure something will turn up to keep me busy.

Watch this space……