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The list of things my son has done this week is endless, most of it involves digging in mud or finding tiny amounts of rain water in the garden and adding them to his bucket of baddie  juice. Baddie juice is an interesting concept as it kills baddies, but not goodies (it tastes so horrible only baddies would drink it). Baddies only drink horrible things, of course. Sceptics amongst you should note that I do not have any baddies in my garden anymore.

He has also been busy making a Mothers Day card and a handprint plate at Toddlers.

I know handprint plates are supposed to have a set of perfectly clear handprints on, but somehow I think this design is better. For those of you waiting for the rubbish/recycled element this week the plates were from my old place of work and on the list to be thrown out. The cards were from my gran’s cupboard, I think she might have been about to throw them out (maybe).

Our other project this week was an Easter Bonnet for the pre-school Easter party.

Poor love, the things we subject them to!!

The hat is made out of a paper machied balloon left over from my daughter’s party and some yellow paper.

See you all next week!


or Feather Dusters.

  I found a use for the long straws I bought in Cornwall! Make a fringe of wrapping paper, put masking tape along the bottom and wrap around straw- and you have a very tall flower.

This was really popular at toddlers with the children running around tickling each other with their creations. My two children had already spent the weekend dusting the house with my examples (an endless task, my house needs lots of dusting).

I think most of the flowers were made by the mums, not the children as it is quite a fiddly task. However, it does help improve cutting skills for small children if the are allowed to fringe the wrapping paper.

Meanwhile this week I have been reusing graze boxes at  home -certain readers might find this idea appealing for their grandchildren.

Thats all for now.  My next task is  to glue sweet wrappers on yoghurt pots to make them look like fish- wish me luck.

Hello all. No post last week as I had one poorly daughter and one even poorlier son (and a slightly poorly husband, but I think he was just keeping them company), so no toddlers and no craft to post about. Luckily both children are back to their normal well selves (which means they just have a bit of a cough and a bit of a cold). Husband still not back to normal, but that’s due to rugby injury so he gets no sympathy.

Anyway back to the craft.  Predictably it was Red Nose Day based this week, and you can probably guess what it was….

I’ll give you chance to think about that and show you what the craft was to be last week – would welcome your thoughts on what you think of it.  The more I look at it the less pleased I am, definitely glad we didn’t do it.

Yes well.  Even I think this is taking making things out of rubbish a bit far – the end result isn’t supposed to look rubbish (although my things often do).  I have thought long and hard and come up with a better way to reuse these plastic containers, look out  for it in a few weeks time.

In the meantime I have been collecting Muller Corner yoghurt pots and haven’t a clue what to turn them into. Any ideas would be appreciated.

That’s it, end of son’s TV watching for now, so end of my typing time. The waiting is over and here is this week’s craft

Paper plate clowns! Did you guess correctly?

I am wondering if the best crafts are the ones where the children’s attempts look just like my  example – or does that just mean my art skills are the same as the children’s???

This morning was the coldest morning we’d had for a long time. When we woke up there was frost on the rooftops and on the trees. I had to find all the gloves and hats I’d hidden away and then the children  spent an extra five minutes getting ready to walk to school because they’d forgotten what finger goes in which hole…it doesn’t feel like spring today.

My garden on the other hand thinks spring was about two weeks ago and I have leaf buds on all my trees and flowers appearing from bulbs I don’t even remember planting ( I have crocuses in the front lawn, definitely didn’t plant them). I think my garden has the right idea, it has been far too long a winter, so today we made daffodils, using egg boxes.(Also it was St.David’s day on Tuesday). I remember doing this when I was a small child – have you ever noticed that egg boxes have changed in the past 30 years, of course they are now cardboard instead of polysterene but also each egg hole is no longer cup shaped – you need some clever cutting if you are to get anything resembling daffodil trumpets from an egg box.

Well anyway, what an uninsightful insight into the contemporary packaging world. Here is a picture to brighten up a grey day.