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Here’s  a quick one. 

Made from the bottom of a  plastic milk bottle, lined with newspaper.

Added some compost and some salad/lettuce seeds.

Watered regularly and after about 4 weeks we had a living salad pot, at a fraction of the supermarket prices. 

Satisfied my son’s need to get messy, and he has even eaten some of the salad it produced!


Happy New Year, as this is my first post of 2012. It seems that having lots of time and nothing to do has made me  very disorganised. Weekly blogs are definitely a thing of the past. Not only have I run out of ideas, I have also had a bit of a clear out and thrown many many many things in the …… bin.

However, I have found time to help help my son make an Octonaut GUP-A , following  instructions in his CBeebies magazine. It was very simply done.

In case you can’t tell the body is torn up tissue paper stuck onto a plastic bottle, using slightly watered down pva glue. It took about 12 hours to dry.

 The other bits were cut out from his magazine and sellotaped on.  Quite pleased with how it turned out. It also helps nicely illustrate one of my favourite words, translucent,  which my daughter has as one of her spelling words thisweek.

I was considering covering other bottles in tissue paper and turning them into a rocket mobile for when we finally decorate my son’s bedroom (though this won’t be very soon). He seemed quite interested in space just before Christmas. However, when we were talking about it he decided he wanted a Lego bedroom.  My initial dismay has turned into inspired excitement as I think I have just the thing to make a large, fake lego bricks….. watch this space……..

We have recently finished chopping down and digging out 3 large bushes in our back garden. We started the job back in May but found a bird’s nest with eggs in there so had to stop, since then we have been busy doing ‘stuff’ so hadn’t finished the job until week before last ‘s heat wave. Anyway my main regret at losing the bushes is the loss of bird life in our garden. We have one (or maybe many) family of sparrows that nest under our roof tiles and I used to see them flying around a lot.  In an effort to attract other birds back  we made recycled bird feeders to hang on the new fence.

These are made of an old water bottle with a lid, a stick, some tape and some old cable.

1.We cut 2 holes near the base of the bottle to poke the stick through. This provides the perch for the birds.

2. Just above the stick on each side of the feeder  we cut a flap (leave it attached to the bottle at the top).The plastic was then bent up so that the hole is protected from any rain. This is where the bird will get the seed from.

3. We then taped the stick into place to prevent any wobbling and wrapped cable around the bottle to make it attractive to birds.

4. The feeders were filled with seed- only as high as the flaps- the bottle top was put back on the top and the bottles were hung up.

As yet no birds have even looked at them, oh well. Still it amused the children (and the class teddy bear who came home on Monday night) for half an hour. Will keep you posted on the successfulness of these.