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After a week of two children and myself being ill (husband escaped it- lucky thing), it was something of a shock to realise it was Wednesday night and toddlers tomorrow.

We had planned to hold a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan in the session (no I didn’t bake anything for it- didn’t want to pass on lurgy germs) so a cupcake seemed like a good idea.

I left the example on the craft table so all I have to show you this week is my son’s picture

For those of you not attuned into toddler art the basic shape is a green trapeziod shape cut out to represent the cake case and a pink splodgy shape to be the icing on the top. Both are glued onto a piece of blue paper (with PVA -not a glue stick- PVA is more fun).  They are then decorated with glue, purple tissue paper and pink paint pens.

What is particularly delightful about this picture is he only put  the tissue paper, glue and pen on the cupcake and not over the rest of the paper.  Pretty impressive.  Some of the other cupcakes in the session  had  coloured matchsticks on to represent candles and red tissue paper cherries.

I didn’t even have to do much cutting out for this, I ‘reused’ cereal packets to make templates for the children (or mums) to draw round and cut out. It turned out to be a lovely little activity, quick and easy and enough scope for the children to do their own individual things. Not bad ! (Not very eco though as there was a lot of paper wasted )


This is todays effort, sports cars made out of toilet rolls, bottle tops and washing liquid bottles. Wheels are stuck on with double sided tape and there is a big hole  for the ‘driver’ to sit in.

Fairly simple really like allof these. My example is below on the left, my son’s is on the right.

 Most of his (and the other childrens’ )time was spent cutting the florist ribbon and gluing on to the toilet roll.

Silly this, I didn’t think I’d ever start a blog, seems to be a very selfabsorbed, staged way to describe your world. But hey here goes. The point of this one is (at the moment) to record the things I have made for the toddler’s craft table. Hopefully will simply be a list of instructions, a picture of my effore and a picture of my sons effort. I should be able to do that, one post a week- we’ll see.

At the moment I am cutting holes into toilet rolls to make sports cars- all will be revealed later. That’ll do for now, some more self obsessed ramblings to follow later. Have a great day. (I do wonder who I am talking to, no one is going to stumble on this by accident.)