Today was a day for sitting in the sun and daydreaming about what the garden will look like when it is tidy. It was a day for remembering that a year ago the word Lockdown meant something we practised in school when the bell gave 3 short rings, just in case an intruder got onto the school site- it was the worst thing we could imagine happening to our children back then. It is a day for remembering that a year ago tomorrow it all changed. It was a day for realising we have got through a very strange, challenging year – one that made us see with sharp clarity what is important to us. We have lived with a constant niggling fear for months, and a feeling of sadness and loss for all the time we have had to stay indoors. We have followed blindly the advice given to us, and given up things we would have loved to do. It was a day for thinking about how things can change, just like that, despite all the plans and scaffolding you put in your life. Today was a day for being grateful that we are (hopefully) almost out the other side. I think the sun helped, but today certainly felt like the beginning of something new.

The village where I live is turning itself blue tomorrow, to say thank you to the NHS and Keyworkers, the Water Tower that can be seen for miles will be lit blue in solidarity, our school children are going to school in a rainbow of colours. It seems strange to be acknowledging the anniversary of the start of lockdown- the year has gone very quickly.