It has been far too long since I last posted on here. No excuses really, I suppose life got in the way. I have been spending the last few weeks (possibly months) trying to write this post in my head, and kept getting too bored by it to turn on the computer. It seemed to be a whole load of self congratulation and sounded quite fake. So I have tried to approach it from a different angle and talk about what we don’t, but could, do. Hopefully if you are stumbling across this from the IKEA live lagom project you might take some comfort in this and lose some eco-guilt that we are all so quick to build


So, lets go back to the beginning to the messy home I had, unrecyclable and recyclable rubbish piling up and not enough room to breathe for a familiy of four. For a while we kept on top of it all, but in the last few months it has begun to pile up again. Have a look at the two pictures above for evidence.

In my defence the things around the washing machine are all recyclable, the things by the microwave are not, but I use them as paint pots, fat pots, rubbish bags etc. As you can see we are far from plastic free.

And we are far from plastic free in the bathroom as well, I use a shampoo bar for my hair but could not get on with any conditioner bar so still use the Pantene I have used for years. The children (and husband) still use shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles.

I am still (as photo of washing machine tells you) using fabric softener, in plastic, although I am buying the biggest size I can find- this is partly  due to cost and also having not found any alternative. I have tried variously vinegar, soda crystals, soap nuts and even no conditioner at all but was not happy with the results.

Other cleaning products are either ecover (that I now buy in 5litre containers), Iron and Velvet ( plastic free, dissolving sachets that reuse old plastic bottles) or method shower spray ( I need something that works to try and cut down limescale build up) I did use to make my own shower spray with rinse aid and vinegar but that then just got through a lot of rinse aid bottles, the method one appears to last longer. I do use non-eco disenfectant on the the toilets and non-eco limescale toilet cleaner because I can’t get it looking anything like clean without (not particularly clean looking when I use it, but that’s another story).

I am hopeless at growing my own veg which I didn’t achieve at all during the time I was on the project. I will try again this year- I am aiming to at least grow some brussels, sweetcorn and peas. Maybe too ambitious- watch this space……

Other fails…..the major one is 6 months ago we adopted two kittens. They have no idea about being lagom. Their food comes in plastic packets and , despite it being made of newspaper pellets, their litter is not compostable- or at least not in my bin as we use the compost for veg. The solution is to start another compost bin for non-veg areas of the garden. This will happen but not just yet. (The cat food packets are recyclable via terracycle and I have a collection point I take them to.¬† )

I walk whenever I can instead of using the car, although this past term and a half I have been doing a ridiculously short 1/2 mile (half not 1 to2) trip to pick my son up from his bus-stop rather than him walking in the dark. The days are lighter, and he has got more used to his school now so hopefully we can stop these short trips.

We have tried, half heartedly to be honest, to eat less meat, at the moment we are probably at 2 days out of 7 meat free. This has been very hard to do as meals have always been planned around meat, I am also becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of vegetables my children are willing to eat.

And finally, energy consumption- this hasn’t been too bad. Electricity is just over 3000 units a year, gas is 12000. I have no idea how this compares with the average home but it has not increased very much for us over the last 3 years. However, for reasons I can not explain, I am still not on a green tariff or with a green supplier. Surely that is one of the easiest things to do in this quest to save the world.

That I think is it, a few things that after 3 years of living lagom we still aren’t doing but probably should be doing. Of course there are many more changes we could make, but these are just the main ones I brood over! First world problems really.

Hopefully, if you have read this far, you have found this interesting. Sometimes we dont need a list of the good things others are doing, we just want to know we are all doing things wrong….


Till next time.