or Feather Dusters.

  I found a use for the long straws I bought in Cornwall! Make a fringe of wrapping paper, put masking tape along the bottom and wrap around straw- and you have a very tall flower.

This was really popular at toddlers with the children running around tickling each other with their creations. My two children had already spent the weekend dusting the house with my examples (an endless task, my house needs lots of dusting).

I think most of the flowers were made by the mums, not the children as it is quite a fiddly task. However, it does help improve cutting skills for small children if the are allowed to fringe the wrapping paper.

Meanwhile this week I have been reusing graze boxes at  home -certain readers might find this idea appealing for their grandchildren.

Thats all for now.  My next task is  to glue sweet wrappers on yoghurt pots to make them look like fish- wish me luck.