Well hello and hello (I know only two people read this so that’s enough).

So its all smiles this week as I have finally found a use for apple juice cartons, it was one of the few things that we use a lot of but couldn’t be easily recycled. I used to keep them in a box by the back door and periodically (about every two months) take a bag of soggy, smelly, snail covered cartons to the local tetrapak recycling (driving in the 4×4 of course, slightly unneutralising the carbon). Anyway, for the last few months I have been rinsing them out, cutting the tops off, covering them in paper and painting them green.

  Can you tell what it is yet? No… neither could most of the mums at toddlers. Sometimes I do wonder if I think in the same way as them as obviously it is……..

an undecorated Christmas tree.

All makes sense now !! Mine is on the left with some baubles coloured by my son, his is below .

They have a multitude of uses, ideal for present boxes, flower vases (as they are waterproof) and possibly night light or candle holders – roll on Christmas so I can test this theory out.

Till next time….