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Fairly straight forward this week.

The children loved it.

Now we are all ready for the RSPB Big Birdwatch weekend- how many sparrows and wood pigeons do you think we’ll spot this year?


Apologies for all of you who  clicked in yesterday to see the latest exciting installment. Here it is, just a day late.

This week’s activity was painting photoframes, made out of the inners of the graze boxes.

The activity was quite popular, and a lot of  photoframes were taken home, which creates a tiny dilemma. I wonder what will happen to all the photoframes when the novelty has worn off? If there were in my house, they’d end up in the recycle box which is where they’d be if they weren’t reused. Who knows where they end up in other people’s houses.

So the dilemma is do I reuse anything and everything I can get my hands on for this craft table or do I recycle what I can and focus on reusing just what can’t be recycled?

Me thinks I think to much.

Have a good weekend.

Happy New Year to my many (or two) readers. Welcome back to a new term of rubbish crafting- or should that be crafty rubbish?

Today’s activity used 3 things; plastic lids, cut out pictures from magazines/catalogues and my old wedding invitations (yes from 8 years ago, and they did move house with us to this place). I cut out one side of the card into a bus shape, with 3 little windows, I then added 3 little faces from a catalogue to the other half of card, glued the two halves together and then stuck the plastic lid wheels on with double sided tape. As I used the card inside out I could decorate the outside with stripes. 

The stripes didn’t really make it look very bus-ey, my daughter has insisted it is a camper van- wonder where she got that idea from?

This is my son’s bus. He chose the wheels first, making sure he had the biggest in the box. You might not be able to see but he has added 2 to the other side as well so that it stands up.

These were surprisingly popular, all 16 that I had cut out were used, and all the faces- although that might be because one child stuck about 20 on their bus (there’s always one..)

So that’s it for now, have to cut out another one tomorrow for my daughter to make. At five to teatime she wanted to know when she could make her own campervan… You can see life has returned to normal then after Christmas.

Have a good week.