Hello my dears, and welcome to another page of rubbish crafting! You will find this week’s offering  is a particular good example of the genre.

Sorting out the junk  craft materials I  have hidden around my house I found I still had a lot of bottle tops. I haven’t used that many for the toddler group craft as they do not stick to things very well, and if they do manage to stick usually fall off in a couple of days. They are not an ideal medium for a toddler group anyway as several of the small children like to taste them – usually the same ones that like to eat the PVA glue and paint the plastic tablecloth.  Bottle tops seem also to be the one thing that the mums at toddlers collect for me to use – I have no idea why, I have never asked any of them to, I have asked for them to save yoghurt pots, toilet rolls, wrapping paper and sweet wrappers, but no they bring me bottle tops. Anyway I needed to use up some of the many(many, many) bottle tops I had.

So I tried some ideas on a summery theme – it also used up the pretty bases of the graze boxes I had been collecting.









These are supposed to be 3D pictures of a caterpillar, beetle and butterfly. A bit too abstract for a 3 year old, even my own loyal 6 year old couldn’t identify the beetle.

I improved the butterfly a bit using some gummed circles I found in the cupboard.


These 2 on the left were the examples, these ones  on the right are my children’s pictures. I don’t think they were going for minibeasts- probably just keeping me happy!


So summer is definitely here, I spent this afternoon making cakes for cake plates. Preschool and school summer fetes are both on Saturday, both at the same time.


I did make raspberry and white chocolate muffins but they cooked a bit too long- and the ladies that sort out the cakes at school are very ruthless –  I think these would have ended up on the ‘staff tray’ – the resting place for dodgy looking cakes.



So instead they are getting these, plain buns decorated by a 3 year old. I’m not too upset by this, means I get to keep (and eat) the muffins.